Consulting and Advisory

Robert Mocek

Robert Mocek,

While money makes life easier, really big money often complicates life. It was my effort to make life easier for clients with big money that led me to set up a website and a consulting company.

What we offer

A unique, professional and independent view of Private Banking services in the Czech Republic. We were there when Czech Private Banking started and we would like to say that we have the best overview of this part of the financial market.

We are able to analyze client needs and direct them to the right hands and the right institution that deals with Private Banking services. How does it work?

First we will talk about your needs and experience. We will do our best to get the information you need to properly select your partner to manage your financial assets. Only with the maximum of usable information can we use the potential of our information database. Our database contains comprehensive information on the possibilities of banks on the Czech market and is continuously updated. Such structured information does not appear on the market.

Based on a short analysis you can make a decision. Either you do the final selection of the bank and fine-tune the parameters yourself, or we agree that we will represent you on the basis of a mandate when dealing with banks. The decision is yours.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality!

Why with us?

  • 25 years of experience in Private Banking (ING Private Banking, Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, Erste Private Banking)
  • Frankfurt School Business and Finance certification
  • Amsterdam Institute of Finance certification
  • Trained in Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, UK, USA and Singapore