Bank Gutmann AG, Prague branch

Founded in 1922, Bank Gutmann is a classic privately owned bank that focuses exclusively on Private Banking and Asset Management of movable individuals, primarily entrepreneurs and their families, managers, partners of leading law and tax offices, reputable athletes and artists. It offers investment advice and discrete asset management based on an individual, tailor-made long-term strategy, including proposals for intergenerational asset transfers. The bank is 80% owned by the Kahane family, another 20% is held by a total of 22 partners. Thanks to the partnership concept, each client is in personal contact with one of the bank’s owners. The independence of the advisory services from the Bank’s business interests ensures objective decisions in the interest of the client.

The Czech branch of Gutmann was established on June 22nd, 2011 and became the first fully-fledged branch of a private bank in the Czech Republic. From EUR 1 million, it offers its services and consultancy primarily to clients from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thus, Gutmann offers an ideal combination of the proximity of a private advisor and the confidentiality of Austrian banking.

Bank Gutmann

Key advantages:

  • accounts in Austria
  • independent advisory
  • conservative private bank with long history
  • Internet banking – not offered
  • Safe Box – Vienna
  • Doscreet Cash Deposit – Vienna
  • Concierge – additional card services
  • Payment Cards – credit cards only
  • FX trading – offered
  • Treasury products for Private Banking clients – offered
  • Gold and Diamonds – offered
  • Lombard Loans – offered
  • Mortgage – not offered
  • Tailor-made portfolios  – offered
  • Strategies – relative return, absolute return
  • Refference currencies  – CZK, EUR, USD, CHF
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – offered
  • Instruments used for bulding of portfolio – mutual funds, bonds, shares
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Offered strategies – relative return, absolute return
  • Refference currencies – CZK, EUR, USD, CHF
  • Instruments used for building of portfolio – Mutual funds, ETF, bonds, shares, private equity
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction, email
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Financial planning – available
  • Instruments – Mutual funds, shares, bonds, certificates, ETF, private equity
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction, email
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – offered
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Structured products – external partners
  • Tailor-made bond – external partners
  • Fund of qualified investor – external partners
  • Advisory for intergeneration transfer of assets – by external partners
  • Fine arts consultancy – by external partners
  • Real estate consultancy, real estate finance consultancy – by external partners
  • Advice on charity and philanthropy – by external partners
  • Use the bank’s background for client meetings with their partners – available
  • Wealth Manager – available

FWR Private Banking introduces a new form of portfolio management

Author: Robert Mocek, RM Advisory

Let us not delude ourselves that an individually managed portfolio brings more benefit to the client than a well-built strategy in the form of a single fund of qualified investors. In order for the manager to really approach the portfolio management individually, such a portfolio would have to be in the size of hundreds millions of crowns. Even such a portfolio, however, takes advantage of the bank’s view of the composition of the portfolio and must comply with a number of constraints.

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