Expobank Private Banking

The bank has been operating on the Czech market since 1991 and during its existence it has built a position of a universal bank providing services of good quality for its corporate and private clients.

In the past, the Bank changed its shareholders and its business name. It operated on the Czech market under the name BAWAG Bank CZ a.s. and since 2008 the bank has been named LBBW Bank CZ a.s. as a subsidiary of the German LBBW. Igor Kim became the majority shareholder of Expobank CZ a.s. as at December 31,  2014, thus completing the process of changing the Bank’s shareholder.


Key advantage:

  • small bank
  • individual approach
  • experienced team
  • Internet banking – offered
  • Safe Box – offered
  • Doscreet Cash Deposit – offered
  • Concierge – additional card services
  • Payment Cards – offered
  • FX trading – offered
  • Treasury products for Private Banking clients – offered
  • Gold and Diamonds – not offered
  • Lombard Loans – offered
  • Mortgage – not offered

Portfolio management – not offered

Investment advisory – not offered

  • Instruments – Mutual funds, shares, bonds, certificates, ETF
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Currency hedge – not offered
  • Structured products – offered
  • Tailor-made bond – offered
  • Fund of qualified investor – not offered
  • Gold bars

Not available

FWR Private Banking introduces a new form of portfolio management

Author: Robert Mocek, RM Advisory

Let us not delude ourselves that an individually managed portfolio brings more benefit to the client than a well-built strategy in the form of a single fund of qualified investors. In order for the manager to really approach the portfolio management individually, such a portfolio would have to be in the size of hundreds millions of crowns. Even such a portfolio, however, takes advantage of the bank’s view of the composition of the portfolio and must comply with a number of constraints.