J&T Private Banking

J&T BANKA, a.s. is a banking institution operating on the Czech financial market since 1998. The bank is owned by the J&T Finance Group, whose shareholders are Slovak entrepreneurs Ivan Jakabovic and Jozef Tkac (both 45.05% each) and the Chinese company CEFC China Energy Company Limited (9.9% ). CEFC’s share is expected to increase to 30%.

J&T Banka

Key advatages:

  • risk oriented
  • consierge
  • experienced team
  • Internet banking – offered
  • Safe Box – offered
  • Discreet Cash Deposit – offered
  • Concierge – additional card services
  • Payment Cards – offered
  • FX trading – offered
  • Treasury products for Private Banking clients – offered
  • Gold and Diamonds – not offered
  • Lombard Loans – offered
  • Mortgage – not offered
  • American Mortgage – not offered
  • Non-secured Loans – offered
  • Tailor-made portfolios  – offered from 10 million CZK
  • Strategies – relative return
  • Refference currencies  – CZK, EUR, USD
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Instruments used for bulding of portfolio – mutual funds, bonds, shares
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Offered strategies – relative return
  • Refference currencies – CZK, EUR, USD
  • Instruments used for building of portfolio – JT group products, Mutual funds, ETF
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Currency hedge – available
  • Financial planning – available
  • Instruments – Mutual funds, shares, bonds
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Currency hedge – not offered
  • Structured products – offered
  • Tailor-made bond – offered
  • Fund of qualified investor – offered
  • Promissory Notes
  • Investment Gold
  • Gold deposit
  • Term deposit in combination with investment
  • JT Ventures
  • Advisory for intergeneration transfer of assets – offered
  • Fine arts consultancy – external partners
  • Real estate consultancy, real estate finance consultancy – not offered
  • Advice on charity and philanthropy – not offered
  • Use the bank’s background for client meetings with their partners – not offered

FWR Private Banking introduces a new form of portfolio management

Author: Robert Mocek, RM Advisory

Let us not delude ourselves that an individually managed portfolio brings more benefit to the client than a well-built strategy in the form of a single fund of qualified investors. In order for the manager to really approach the portfolio management individually, such a portfolio would have to be in the size of hundreds millions of crowns. Even such a portfolio, however, takes advantage of the bank’s view of the composition of the portfolio and must comply with a number of constraints.