KB Private Banking

The bank was founded in January 1990 by the separation of business activities from the former State Bank of Czechoslovakia. At that time it was a state financial institution, which was transformed into a joint stock company on March 5, 1992 and its shares fell under the administration of the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic, which released them into voucher privatization.

In July 1995, the Bank’s shares entered the international capital markets. In November 1997, the Czech government approved the sale of a majority stake to a strategic investor, which was to ensure the further development of the company and the separation of the state from the banking sector. In August 1999, the first round of the tender for a strategic partner was launched.

In June 2001, the Czech government sold its stake to the Société Générale financial group.

Komerční banka

Main advantages:

  • Portfolio Management team
  • close cooperation with corporate banking
  • Experienced team
  • Online transaction banking – offered
  • Safe box – selected branches
  • Payment cards – offered
  • Lans – mortgage and other loans secured by properties
  • Lombard loans – offered
  • Financing of investment properties – offered
  • FX trading – offered
  • Strategies – relative return
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Portfolio currencies –  CZK, EUR and USD
  • Instruments used for portfolio bulding – shares, bonds, mutual funds, ETF
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Offered strategies – relative return
  • Refference currencies – CZK, EUR, USD
  • Instruments used for building of portfolio – Mutual funds, ETF
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Financial planing – not offered
  • Currency hedge – not offered
  • Markets and products – share, bonds, ETF, certificates, funds
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development– not offered
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Currency hedge – not offered
  • Structured products
  • Fonds of qualified investors
  • Investment-insurance products
  • Advisory for intergeneration transfer of assets – by external partners
  • Fine arts consultancy – by external partners
  • Real estate consultancy, real estate finance consultancy – by external partners
  • Advice on charity and philanthropy – not offered
  • Use the bank’s background for client meetings with their partners – not offered

FWR Private Banking introduces a new form of portfolio management

Author: Robert Mocek, RM Advisory

Let us not delude ourselves that an individually managed portfolio brings more benefit to the client than a well-built strategy in the form of a single fund of qualified investors. In order for the manager to really approach the portfolio management individually, such a portfolio would have to be in the size of hundreds millions of crowns. Even such a portfolio, however, takes advantage of the bank’s view of the composition of the portfolio and must comply with a number of constraints.