PPF Bank

PPF Private Banking

PPF banka a.s. is part of the international investment group PPF. PPF Group N.V. holds 92.96 percent of the Bank’s shares, while another 6.73 percent is held by the City of Prague. The Bank focuses primarily on providing financial, investment and advisory services and Private Banking.In 1992, PPF banka was established under the trade name Royal banka CS, a.s. In 1995, the City of Prague became the majority shareholder of the Bank. The bank was then renamed První městská banka, a.s.

In 2002, the Bank’s majority shareholder changed and Česká pojišťovna a.s, a member of the PPF financial group, became a strategic investor. One year later, the Bank was fully integrated into the PPF Group and since 2004 it has been operating under the new name of PPF Banka a.s.Key advantages:

  • consierge
  • PPF projects
  • individual approach
  • Internet banking – offered
  • Safe Box – not offered
  • Discreet Cash Deposit – offered
  • Concierge – card additional services
  • Payment Cards – offered
  • FX trading – offered
  • Treasury products for Private Banking clients – not offered
  • Gold and Diamonds – not offered
  • Lombard Loans – not offered
  • Mortgage – not offered
  • American Mortgage – not offered
  • Non-secured Loans – not offered

Portfolio management  – not offered

  • Offered strategies – relative return
  • Refference currencies – CZK, EUR, USD
  • Instruments used for building of portfolio – Mutual funds, PPF products
  • Trade instruction – signed instruction
  • Currency hedge – available
  • Financial planning – not offered
  • Instruments – Mutual funds, shares, bonds
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Currency hedge – offered

Tailor-made BondsPPF group bondsNot available