Privatbanka Private Banking

Privatbanka specializes in providing Private Banking services in the Czech Republic. Clients of the Bank can use the portfolio of services and products related to the investment activities of the parent group Penta. The Bank provides clients with access to investment activities available on domestic and foreign financial markets. In the Czech Republic, it assists in the valuation of clients’ assets and enables the creation of an independent portfolio compiled by banking specialists from the current offer of market products.

Private bankers take into account individual expectations and demands of clients and also offer alternatives that best reflect their requirements. Clients can choose from a wide portfolio of third-party products and Privatbanka products, which also enable them to participate in Penta’s projects (Dr. Max, Florentinum, Waltrovka, Alpha Medical). They also offer clients above-standard returns.


Key advantages:

  • accounts in Slovakia
  • Penty projects
  • center of Prague
  • Internet banking – offered
  • Safe Box – Bratislava
  • Discreet Cash Deposit – Bratislava
  • Concierge – payment card servis
  • Payment Cards – offered
  • FX trading – offered
  • Treasury products for Private Banking clients – offered
  • Gold and Diamonds – not offered
  • Lombard Loans – not offered
  • Mortgage – not offered
  • Selection of private banker
  • Tailor-made portfolios  – offered from 170,000.- EUR
  • Strategies – relative return
  • Refference currencies  – CZK, EUR, USD
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Instruments used for bulding of portfolio – mutual funds, bonds, shares
  • Currency hedge – offered
  • Investment advisory – not offered
  • Instruments – Mutual funds, shares, bonds
  • Trade instruction – signed paper instruction, phone instruction
  • Ethical investment and investment in sustainable development – not offered
  • Currency hedge – not offered
  • Structured products – not offered
  • Tailor-made bond – offered
  • Fund of qualified investor – not offered
  • Corporate bonds
  • Project bonds

Not available

FWR Private Banking introduces a new form of portfolio management

Author: Robert Mocek, RM Advisory

Let us not delude ourselves that an individually managed portfolio brings more benefit to the client than a well-built strategy in the form of a single fund of qualified investors. In order for the manager to really approach the portfolio management individually, such a portfolio would have to be in the size of hundreds millions of crowns. Even such a portfolio, however, takes advantage of the bank’s view of the composition of the portfolio and must comply with a number of constraints.