An important part of Private Banking and Wealth Management services are investments. The client’s assets must be protected from inflation and the bank’s potential problem as well as the assets must be appropriately divided into different type of assets. Securities have the advantage that they are not part of the bank’s balance sheet and are therefore not endangered by a potential bank problem.

In the area of ​​securities and investments, banks offers the following ways of investing:

  • Portfolio Management (Asset Management) is the main service for those clients who are willing to give confidence to the bank and the bank then decides on the individual investments and portfolio structure based on the parameters entered. This service is particularly suitable for clients who have no experience, time and are not interested in financial markets.
  • Investment Advisory allows you to control individual purchases and sales of securities in the portfolio. The bank prepares recommended portfolio structure according to client risk orientation. Individual securities can be changed within the sub-group of assets. But changes must not affect the portfolio risk parameters. This service is suitable for clients who have the time and apptite to discuss individual investments.
  • Nákup a prodej bez poradenství je vhodný zejména pro zkušené investory, kteří nemají potřebu s bankou diskutovat investice. Jejich znalost a zkušenost je dostatečná, aby ochránili svůj majetek před nevhodnou investicí. Nabídka cenných papírů v tomto režimu je velice široká, v podstatě si klient může koupit cokoliv, co je veřejně obchodovatelné a banka je schopna pro klienta zajistit.

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